Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiry

  • 01.We work in multiple countries with offices in each country. Do we need a separate system for each location?
    With iRMS you can share a single system across multiple offices and locations with restricted user controls to segment data as needed. Contact us for more info on the right plan for you!
  • 02.We have different service requirements and scope of work depending on price, location, and sometimes clients. How can we keep track of this?
    With customized service scope, service workflows, and email templates you can create and initiate different service types as required.

About the System

  • 01.We have an operating system but don’t have mobile apps.  Is it possible to set up and use your mobile apps?
    Yes! Contact us so we can show you how you can use parts of our system to use our mobile apps alongside your existing system.
  • 02.If we use your system how will our clients know it is our system and not another third party system?
    Depending on the system package you select, we can include your branding scheme on the system to provide a personalised platform geared towards your business.

About the Features

  • 01.We like the features of the system but what about feature X? What kind of customisation or add on features do you allow?
    Contact us and let us know what feature you are looking for.  There is a chance we already have something similar, or depending on our current enhancement schedule it could be coming in a future release! We are always looking for input to build a robust but flexible system to meet industry needs.